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The SICK RFID system: Peak reading rates in excess of 99. Do you think the 1932 Ford is the quintessential hot rod. What about the Cobra roadster. Both are good candidates, but another company is ready to throw yet another hat into the ring.

Lowell Peterson, a hot rodder who has been building and working on old cars in his shop for the past 16 years, knew the molds for this body style had been around for years before he bought them, but since you could still find Tri-Five Chevys for a decent price a decade ago, why would anyone want one made from fiberglass.

Well, all you have to do nowadays is turn on a TV and see what is happening to Tri-Five prices at various auctions around the country to figure out the real nice ones are getting snapped up and put into collections, leaving only the dregs for us regular Joes.

Others realize this is the wave of the online payday loans. There is already a huge aftermarket parts network for Tri-Fives, where you can get the rest of the parts needed to finish the car (the window online payday loans, for example), online payday loans any original online loans part will fit this body, too. About the only parts not offered in the aftermarket are taillight housings and windshield moldings, but everything else is attainable through a company such as Danchuk.

Since all original parts will work on this body, it will also fit original chassis and frames. You, of course, are free to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your own car if you so desire. It may be a West Coast thing, but right now Lowell is finding more folks interested in having someone build the car for them rather than building it themselves.

As part of our ongoing efforts to make HotRod. As always, thanks for reading HotRod. SEE ALL 1 PHOTOS FROM THE ARTICLE Fast Glass55 1547 West Struck Ave. Hot Rod News Giant Gallery. But how do you control the laser power to prevent it burning a hole through the sheets of metal.

Where the laser hits, sparks fly and the metal glows red hot. The process lasts just a few seconds. The outer door panel and the door frame are now welded together perfectly. A thin weld seam extends along the join, but it can only be seen on one side. From the other side of the welded car door the join is invisible. Expensive work to hide the seam, such as folding the sheet metal or covering with trim would no longer be necessary. Instead, the weld seam is controlled to penetrate the lower sheet without damaging the bottom surface.

Up to now, however, it was not possible to precisely control this type of welding and produce a seam that meets the requirements in respect of strength. But they found the solution using an innovative camera that generates temperature images. This enables the system to recognize how deep the laser has penetrated into the sheets.

Where it burns into the metal, causing it to melt, the images show a hot region. If the bottom of the melt pool reaches the gap between the upper and lower sheets, the conduction of heat is interrupted and a cooler point can be seen. This is referred to as the full penetration hole.

From the relative frequency of this full penetration hole the system calculates the penetration depth into the lower sheet. A software program then adapts the output of the laser to the specific requirements. The system is based on cellular neural networks (CNN). A tiny processor is integrated in each pixel.

They all work simultaneously and speed up the analysis of the individual images enormously, whereas in conventional image processing systems a few processors process the data consecutively.

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